OTOTO Design's 'Swanky' Ladle Floats on Soups and Stews

 - Nov 16, 2016
References: kickstarter & gizmodo
There's little that's more viscerally frustrating than a ladle slipping into a pot of soup, so OTOTO Design's Swanky ladle makes the issue an impossibility. The Swanky ladle uses a unique, S-shaped design to stay floating on the top of liquids without tipping over.

OTOTO Design's ladle takes its name from both its shape and its subtle additional design quirk. Swanky's neck and hook look like a swan, hence the pun. Beyond that avian inspiration, the ladle is full of functionality. As mentioned, Swanky floats on the top of soups and stews, but the ladle is also balanced so that it will stay upright on flat surfaces. This helps it to save space on cluttered countertops.

Swanky comes in three colours: black, white and pink. It stands at 27.5 centimeters tall, and its scoop measures 9.5 centimeters across.