Oriol Angrill Jorda Renders Subjects Squished Upon a Level Surface

These photorealistic Oriol Angrill Jorda illustrations look as though people have planted their faces on a photocopier and hit the "print" button. However, viewers should know that these astounding images were actually drawn using nothing more than a graphite pencil. It’s eerie how much information Jorda packs into each picture as strands of hair, chin stubble and fingerprints are readily visible.

Being able to imagine how a person would look being squished on a level surface is already a difficult task, but for Oriol Angrill Jorda to then draw such images with amazing precision speaks of this Spanish artist’s incredible talent.

For those with a keen eye, Jorda also includes a stylish dark outline around certain areas of his subjects in order to create contrast between where the skin ends and the background begins. Though not realistic, it's visually appealing.