Bill Gates Patents Electromagnetic Hybrid Engine

 - Apr 15, 2009   Updated: Aug 18 2011
References: fastcompany
Look out, Microsoft Founder Bill Gates is on the move! He recently patented a new type of technology that is not computer or software related. Still in its infant stage, the electromagnetic combustion engine is designed to be a power generator. This engine has nothing to do with searching the internet.

Unlike conventional hybrid engines which require separate electric motors and fossil fueled engines to work together, this unique all-in-one invention could be much more adaptive than today's hybrids.

Implications - The engine is incredibly versatile, capable of many different feats. It "May be configured to convert mechanical energy of the first piston to the electrical energy during a power stroke, and to drive the first piston," says the press release.

With those kind of technological advances, it should be no surprise that Bill Gates has his hands in this one.