Biotech Firm OrganoBalance Creates Sweets That Don't Damage Teeth

 - Dec 13, 2013
References: & psfk
OrganoBalance, a biotech firm based in Berlin, Germany, has been working on a very important assignment, one that could change the lives of many. Essentially, OrganoBalance has created a formula for candy that will not rot teeth away. Although there are more than one side effect to eating too many sweets, a major and common cause is the occurrence of cavities. OrganoBalance has found a solution.

By honing in on the bacteria that causes cavities, which most likely is a bacteria called mutans streptococci, OrganoBalance has discovered another bacteria that thwarts it from attaching to teeth to do its dirty work. Psfk writes, "Lactobacillus paracasei, which was found to reduce the levels of mutans streptococci and cavities in test rats. The team figured that L. paracasei can help stop the bad bacteria from attaching itself to a person’s teeth."