Saristi Tea Creations are Inspired by Earth, Wind, Water and Air

 - Feb 13, 2018
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Greek brand Saristi produces a line of organic tea blends that are colorful, powered by Greek philosophy and a reference to the four natural elements. Each herbal amalgam is a remedy that is created to balance the mind, body and soul.

By deriving meanings from Ancient Greek philosophy, while also producing organic tea blends that incorporate healing properties, Saristi creates a one of a kind product that is rich in story and design. The packaging reflects this notion as well, as each tea is color-coded with reference to one of the elements. The vessel of the organic tea blends also illustrates an animal that is successful in embodying the narrative of the specific mixture, its purpose and ingredients.

Advocating mindfulness and artistic expression, Saristi's organic tea blends are sure to offer a superior calming experience to the drinker.

Photo Credits: Saristi