Efsina is a 100% Organic Salt Brand that Uses Natural Element Packaging

 - Jun 11, 2015
References: behance.net & packageinspiration
As an organic salt brand, Efsina wanted its packaging to reflect the natural elements that are infused in each grain of salt. The cylindrical containers are designed to manually grind the salt so it can remained in its natural state of crystallization until it is used.

Each salt grinder is wrapped in a black label with a solid-colored animal and white lettering. There are three different salts in Efsina's collection. The organic salt line includes a sea salt represented by a blue seahorse, a rock salt represented by a purple goat and Himalayan salt represented by an orange eagle.

Efsina knows that salt is vital to human health and has incorporated the image of a woman to represent mother nature into its logo beside its name. These elegant table salts are add a simple touch of all-natural ingredients to every meal.