Oralogica RINSE is an Organic Mouthwash Powered by Essential Oils

 - Oct 13, 2017
References: oralogica & releasewire
Oralogica RINSE is an organic mouthwash product that sets a new standard for oral care; the product is made with purified water with organic essential oils and all-natural organic xylitol to create a simple, chemical-free alternative to most mainstream options on the market.

The formula is also free from surfactants, glucerine, chloride, zinc and alcohol and is packaged in glass bottles that play an essential part in preserving the oral care product's effectiveness and flavor—Oralogica RINSE is offered in a range of unique options like Bubblegum, Cinnamon Stick, RefreshMint and ExciteMint. As the brand puts it, "by working with a clinical pharmacist for efficacy and a master chef for flavor, we offer consumers a mouthwash they can feel good about."