Tomas Libertiny's Organic Art is Created by Bees

 - Jul 31, 2013
References: tomaslibertiny & juxtapoz
In one of the most amazing cases of organic art, the honeycombed sculptures from Tomas Libertiny are an ingenious form of artistic interpretation. The sculptures are truly unique as while the idea comes from Libertiny, the actual creation of the textural artwork that comes from the bees.

Libertiny will create the base of the structures with steel, glass, resin, or plastic and then put beeswax on it. Once the sculpture is completely setup, he will then place it within a transparent case with thousands of bees, who will then, over a period of time, create the honeycombed texture that is seen all over the sculptures. This type of organic art is truly magnificent as it's inspired by the art of nature.