Oren Eliav Creates Dark and Disturbing Artwork

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: bravermangallery & coolhunting
There is something so otherworldly and haunting about Oren Eliav's paintings, that I can't help the shiver that scales down my spine every time I look at his work. Yet the creepy quality of his work is far from off putting. Instead, it makes it even more captivating. Just like a horror film that seems unbearable to watch, yet impossible to look away from.

Living and working in Tel Aviv, Oren Eliav discovered art while, oddly enough, studying Political Science at Tel Aviv University. Soon after taking a few art classes, he enrolled in the Bezalel art academy in order to truly immerse himself in his new found love for art. It was there that he cultivated this fascination with the darker side of life, which is constantly reflected in Oren Eliav's disturbing imagery.