The 'Oral B Stages' Ads by Publicis are Mind-Boggling

 - May 29, 2012
References: publicis & ibelieveinadv
Using an eye-catching and bizarre technique, these 'Oral B Stages' Ads by Publicis are gaining attention for their funny take on children's dental care.

Illustrating the ability for parents to feel in control of their children's dental health, these print ads are simple and effective. Upon looking at the ads initially, one might not even immediately recognize the augmentation. Intriguing, because a viewer will inevitably spot the change, these are a buzz-building approach to promote this product. Despite the definitely odd change to the photos, the babies in the photographs are still intensely adorable, making this an enjoyable advertisement whether you're a parent or not.

Likable with a dash of different, these print ads by Publicis are an appropriate way to market a demographically challenging product.