This Recently Auctioned Opal Crystal Contains a Galaxy-Like Formation

 - May 28, 2014
References: bonhams & mymodernmet
This opal crystal looks like it contains a galaxy within it. The gorgeous gemstone was recently auctioned from Bonhams and makes one thing very clear: the universe is a beautiful place.

The breathtaking jewel appears to have a cloud-like formation inside it and many brightly colored specks can be seen through the clear crystal. Listed as a 'Very Fine American Contra Luz Opal' on the Bonhams website, the stunning stone is suitable for mounting as a one of a kind pendant. The transparent crystal body shows off a botryoidal jasper formation, giving it a firey color and gem quality. This is what gives the opal crystal inclusion a nebulous effect.

This item was mined in Opal Butte, Oregan and sold for $20,000.