Symantic's Infographic Shows the Five Biggest Web Security Mistakes

 - Apr 6, 2013
References: symantec & bitrebels
It's a jungle out there on the Internet, and online security is no joke. Protecting your data, personal information and your hardware from online threats has never been more essential than it is right now.

Fortunately, anti-virus software maker Symantec has given all of us a friendly reminder through this infographic about how to maximize online security by outlining the five biggest mistakes people make related to their online security. For example, you may know that you shouldn't open mysterious email attachments or executable files, but did you know that today, 61% of all malware is distributed through legitimate websites that have been compromised? Most of the mistakes relate to assuming that security is good enough, not updating software and a lack of education.

Being lax on your online security is a really serious matter, and can not just ruin your day, but your entire life if your identity gets stolen.