This Video Shows How Manipulative Tactics Can Be Enhanced Online

 - Sep 7, 2016
References: youtube & adweek
As a means to reveal how difficult online bullying can be for children today, Matt Bieler wrote, directed and edited a short PSA that's dubbed 'Betty B.'

Narrated by a young girl, the protagonist tells the story of how she and another girl became friends at school. She tells viewers that as she and Betty B. spent more time together, she began to have more trust for the girl, resulting in her revealing secrets to her and inviting her over. With this, the commercial remains positive and states nothing that's really out of the ordinary. After showing grainy shots of the places where the narrator and Betty B. bonded, the online bullying PSA takes a turn once the two are connected on Facebook.

Betty B. begins to send hurtful messages online and uses the narrator's trust against her, making fun of her home and appearance or belittling her at every chance she gets. By considering this, the PSA considers how online bullying can result in victims feeling completely trapped in negative situations.