Sarah Sitkin's 'Morbid Sense of Humor' Exhibits Just That

 - Feb 28, 2009
References: flickr & photograview
Self-described as the lovechild of "Tank Girl" and Cindy Lauper, Sarah Sitkin’s photographs are sure to elicit a reaction. It might be the discomfort of feeling like a total creepster voyeur, but at least she makes you feel.

With a set titled "Morbid Sense of Humor," is it any wonder that looking through her photostream feels simultaneously perverse and deeply gratifying? Her images range from subversive to surreal, gritty to minimalist and pretty to punk.

Subversive Sarah, as I'd like to call her if we were friends, is encapsulating human experience in a very vivid way. In her book And Then, You Act Anne Bogart says, "To signal in the face of the ephemeral is an act of heroism. The pointing, the signaling, is what matters. If you cannot find the words to describe what you are attempting, point at it."

I may not have the words to express what it feels like to be alive--to feel my senses awaken and attune to my surroundings–-but I can certainly point you in the direction of Miss. Sitkin, a 24-year-old photography wonder.