'On the Beach' Contrasts Lonely Subjects Against the Sea

 - May 27, 2013
References: pacegallery & mymodernmet
In a series of photos by photographer Richard Misrach, beach-goers are shrunk into the size of ants in 'On the Beach.' Each photo centers on a single subject isolated from everything. Taken from a birds-eye-view perspective, Misrach focused in on individuals in order to create a striking effect.

The goal of 'On the Beach' was to emphasize how insignificant we are against the giant ocean or beach. With only a lonely subject in each photo to contrast against their wide background, the individuals in Misrach's pictures are dwarfed.

In order to further emphasize how enveloping the scene is, Misrach displays his pictures in full 12 feet by 6 feet glory. The large prints further express the artist's intent behind the photos.