Japanese Rail Firm Adopts Smile Scanners to Gauge Customer Service

 - Jul 11, 2009
References: news.bbc & twitter
A Japanese rail firm has adopted Omron smile scanners into their fleet to gauge the level of their staff’s customer service based on the wideness of their smiles.

Customer service is a priority in Japan, and Omron smile scanners are set to be in place in 15 Tokyo rail stations. These scanners, according to the BBC, will measure the smile’s curvature. Those with smiles that aren’t up to snuff will be counseled and instructed to adopt a more genuine facial expression.

Omron smile scanners won’t just appear in rail stations, however. The BBC adds that the scanners will also be used at truck stops to measure driver drowsiness and at an Osaka hospital. The technology might also progress to retail stores, where they’d be used to measure customer reactions to products on store shelves.

Image Credits: Guardian | Tech Ticker | IO9