Flo's Harmonize Supplement Relieves Cramps & Supports Mood Swings

 - Jun 5, 2018
References: floliving
Originally a women-oriented virtual online health center, Flo launches a line of helpful micronutrient support for hormone balance — from the pain-relieving omega oil blend and the mood-boosting coenzymated B complex to the free radical-combating detoxification supplement and the cortisol-regulating buffered chelated magnesium.

The products are non-GMO, free from synthetics, colorants, gluten and allergens. The harmonizing omega oil blend, for one, contains vitamins D, K1 and K2. Not only does the supplement help women deal with mood swings, it also reduces prostaglandins — which are known to cause cramping, as well as it minimizes oxidative stress and inflammation.

The fish oil, contained in Flo's product is "molecularly distilled and filtered to ensure purity," as well as the removal of heavy metals, pesticides and other harmful contaminants.