The Olympic Non Events Tumblr Uses Sport Icons for Everyday Events

The Olympic Non-Events Tumblr re-invents the sports icon to illustrate classic adages through quirky interpretation.

The London-based design studio Hat-Trick has wanted to complete a project of this sort for over 20 years. With this year's Olympic Games hosted in London, the studio was given the extra incentive to do so. The result is an imaginative remix of Otl Aicher’s 1972 system of Olympic icons. Some of the idioms featured on the Tumblr blog are 'kicking the bucket,' 'trouble shooting' and 'running on empty,' which do their best to make use of the original shooting, soccer and track pictograms. These playful re-interpretations are meant to take away from the painstakingly stressful and serious nature of the Olympic Games.

Hat-Trick's project is available on Tumblr in a flip book, or even as posters.