Oliver Vernon's Works Depict Surreal Urban Landscapes

 - Jun 14, 2013
References: oliververnon & lostateminor
California-based artist Oliver Vernon has created some of the most beautiful and chaotic pieces of contemporary art on the modern gallery scene. Each of his paintings depicts a jumbled landscape, often an urban one. Instead of striving for realism with accurate representations of cityscapes, Vernon chooses instead to create many different planes of vision, with buildings infringing on waterfalls, which in turn, overlap with baobab trees. The result is a multi-voiced work that takes many different analyses to interpret.

Indeed, Vernon's works are practically impossible to interpret either correctly or wrongly. Each viewer has his or her own personalized opinion regarding Vernon's works. Since they are so colorful and busy, Vernon's paintings cannot possibly have a single meaning or produce a single effect on viewers. Instead, these multi-faceted artworks create an infinite number of responses in viewers, a confusion that marks them as true pieces of modern art.