Oliver Jeffers Opens Our Eyes to Ignorance in 'Nothing To See Here'

 - Sep 16, 2013
References: lazinc & juxtapoz
'Juztapoze Magazine' writes about Oliver Jeffers and his exhibit titled 'Nothing To See Here' as the artist questions ignorance and modern life. Juxtapose reveals that the inspiration for this exhibit stems from the idea of censorship and ignorance. Even I have to censor the first photo for nudity, which is what Jeffers is commenting on.

The magazine includes a quote from Jeffers stating, "Are we blindly ignorant or are our eyes wide open in the dark?" The photos feature images such as a man burying his head into a wall and a woman blindfolded, all alluding to the concept that we are blind to the obvious sights and truth in our modern lives.

The theme of the show is completely relevant to our time as the news, media, magazines and more are censored. Although, are we blind to what is going on in the world, or are we ignorant? These are questions Jeffers uses in order to fuel his ideas and creativity for his exhibit: 'Nothing To See Here.'