This Revolutionary Olive Oil Dispenser Ensures Zero Mess

 - Nov 16, 2013
References: foodiggity
Having your bread drenched in olive oil or spreading olive oil unevenly on a piece of bread definitely warrants as a first world problem.

Fortunately, Croatian design group Oaza has fixed our first world problem and has completely revolutionized the application of such a universally kosher ingredient with the ‘Oil-On that acts like an enormously sized rollerball perfume bottle. The dispenser has a hollow circular cork stopper sealed with a wooden ball that rolls and soaks up olive oil. Simply turn the glass vessel upside down with the oil ball facing downwards and oil whatever you need oiling!

The ‘Oil-On’ dispenser is easy, fun to use and is 100% easier to apply a thin, even layer of olive oil on bread, meats and other foods without making a mess.