Okanogan Wilderness Food is Reimagined by Mark Johnson

Okanogan Wilderness Food has been reimagined by Mark Johnson, who wanted a packaging design that reflected the rugged landscape of the North Cascades. The food is also extremely healthy, so evoking that sense of fitness and outdoor spirit was also a must.

According to Package Inspiration, "[Johnson] rebuilt a sturdy, Bauhaus-era typeface and combined it with vibrant colors to reflect the rugged land of the products’ namesake, the quality of the ingredients and the energetic lifestyle of the users." This is certainly seen in the packaging, as mountains form the main backdrop behind this strong typefaced used. The branding also comes in various hues, including red, blue, green and purple.

For anyone who loves the outdoors and is looking for a quick snack to match this lifestyle, Okanogan Wilderness Food is a great option.