These 'Oil & Vinegar Pipette Glasses' are Stylish and Practical

Neat freaks all round will appreciate these 'Oil & Vinegar Pipette Glasses' that were designed by Lovorika Banovic. They are built so that counters can stay spill-free during cooking hours by using pipettes for precise and suctioned uses of various liquid kitchen materials.

They are designed to look modernistic so that kitchen and home decor do not have to suffer in the name of innovative living. The ability of Lovorika Banovic to merge contemporary artistic flair and intuitive innovation has resulted in the Oil & Vinegar Pipette Glasses that can be used for various types of other liquids such as syrups, sauces and even careful amounts of milk. The handle for the pipettes is large and graspable so that users need not worrying about trying to grab them with wet, slippery hands.