Nelson Resende's Triad of Buildings in Porto Appear Separate

 - Oct 22, 2018
References: nelsonresendearquitecto & dezeen
For his practice, Portuguese architect Nelson Resende arranges a triad of office volumes on the outskirts of Porto. The composition includes a cylinder, a rectangle, and a cube. The shapes are designed to house Nelson Resende's studio. The idea behind the structure is to create a subtle composition that appears separate but is connected at the points of interaction.

The exterior of the office volumes is kept exceptionally minimalist, allowing for the sleek geometric buildings to be low-maintenance and purely functional. Due to the nature and the layout distribution of Nelson Resende's new studio, the architect has the option of interacting with the space based on need. That is, whether a project requires more space, the office volumes can be linked to deliver for special needs.

Photo Credits: João Morgado