Agence Jouin Manku's Office Campus Roof Has Dragon-Like Tiles

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: dezeen
French design studio Agence Jouin Manku has been enlisted to design and build a new wing of an office campus for commercial property company SocieĢteĢ FoncieĢ€re Lyonnaise just outside of Paris, France.

The exterior features an opalescent cover that wraps around the entire side of the building appears to look like the scaled bodies of prehistoric dragons. The IN/OUT project is an architectural project for the construction of SFl's headquarters that includes the building of a completely new amenities wing, which will house a restaurant, a cafe, an auditorium, technical spaces, board rooms and a pavilion.

The three story building features a tube-shaped concrete tower, blocks extending from both sides towers wrapped in stainless steel polychromatic tiles. Design agency Jouin Manku, Aude Planterose says, "[t]he roof is designed like a shell made of scales, we can't ignore the reference to an animal; it could be a beetle or a dragon."