Hana-Chan Will Fall Over If It Detects Foul Body Odors

 - Sep 13, 2017
References: scmp & boingboing.net
This robotic odor-detecting dog is providing those who suffer from smelly feet with an answer to the question that they may have been too nervous to ask.

The adorable Hana-Chan robot, which comes equipped with a sensor in its nose, performs one simple task: it smells a user's feet, fainting if it picks up on a foul scent. If no odor is registered, the dog will wag its tail in celebration, while a borderline foul smell will result in the dog emitting a warning bark. This robotic dog will also aid one suffering from smelly feet by offering a quick spray of air freshener.

Although entertaining, Hana-Chan offers those with foul body odor a lighthearted warning, before leaving the house.