Tokyo Researchers Discover the Ocellated Ice Fish, it Has Clear Blood and

 - Apr 8, 2013
References: laughingsquid
This new discovery will be put into the book of ocean oddities, researchers at the Tokyo Sea Life Park in Japan have found and caught a male and female pair of fish with no scales and clear blood. This fish is certainly very different, I am sure that scientists are beaming with excitement hoping that this newfound aquatic creature will teach them more about the vast ocean world.

It is being said that the Ocellated Ice Fish’s blood is clear because it has no hemoglobin. Researchers believe that the fish can live without this hemoglobin because of its abnormally large heart, the researchers also believe that the fish uses the bloods plasma rather than hemoglobin to circulate oxygen throughout its body. This all sounds very interesting and I hope that some good comes from this new discovery.