Cicero Sardines Packaging Suggests the Sea of Flavors Within

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: & packagingoftheworld
The streamlined bodies of fish have been boldly embellished on Cícero Sardines packaging. They appear to have been given additional dorsal and pelvic fins that have been formed for a cornucopia of edible items. Vegetables, grains, herbs and seasonings radiate from their scaly figures with vivid color and rich texture.

The foods found surrounding each illustrated fish signify the ingredients within the boxes. The Mexican style pilchards are decorated with hot chili peppers, the Greek version displays fine herbs and Mediterranean seasonings, and the Japanese variety references scrumptious soy oil.

With so much visual intrigue surrounding the sea creatures, much of Cícero Sardines packaging was left clean and white. Cátia Oliveira's concept suggests the riot of color and flavor that these dishes would bring to empty plates.