This Obesity Infograph is Alarming

 - May 16, 2012
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Body weight is a much-publicized health issue on both ends of the scale, and this obesity infograph does an amazing job of breaking it down.

Extremely comprehensive with a slew of understandable images, this is everything that an infograph should ideally be. Focused on information pertaining to the US, the infograph still remains relevant despite the geographic specificity of the data. Featuring alarming statistics -- particularly in regard to the health of children -- the chart is both a warning sign and a suggestion for solutions to the heavyweight health issue.

Perhaps what is most remarkable about this chart is its thoroughness. The graphic details almost every imaginable factor in the weight issue, and does it in a way that comes together to create a frightening picture of health. Balancing simple design with critical information, this obesity infographic is an urgent and effective call to action.