CatholicVote Uses Obama to Illustrate Analogy of Hope vs. Abortion

 - Jan 23, 2009
References: catholicvote & adgabber
President Obama’s name and image are used on a number of products and causes that vary in their relevance, but this pro-life ad by CatholicVote contrasts the president in a most compelling way--no matter your views on abortion.

The CatholicVote ad shows an ultrasound of a developing fetus with superimposed statistics we’ve often heard about African-American families. In the middle of the ad, the music builds up in tempo and the copy similarly changes its tune: "Despite the hardships he will endure, this child will become the 1st African-American president." The ultrasound shots segue into President Obama and his family on Inauguration Day for the powerful climax.

The closing words of the ad, "Life: Imagine the Potential," are superimposed atop a shot of President Obama’s torso. This message is similar to Obama’s theme of hope, which was so frequently repeated throughout the campaign.