Alphacat Lets Barack Obama & Joe Biden “Blame it on the Economy”

 - May 18, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
References: youtube
Jamie Foxx's song “Blame it on the Alcohol” just took a political stance thanks to Alphacat's Barack Obama and Joe Biden parody “Blame it on the Economy.”

The Alphacat video features parodies of Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Rod Blagojevich, and Sarah Palinâ€"including raps from both Michelle and Barack Obama.

The video is a funny take on the recession, and a funny take on Foxx's song.

Implications - In a society hard hit by the recession, North Americans are looking to various forms of escapism to cope with their financial situations. As such, we're seeing a rise in parody materials that satiate consumers' need to forget about the economy, even if it's momentary. Corporations should follow suit and market items using escapism-based tactics.