Nymphenburg Glazed Essentials II by Patrik Muff has Arrived

 - Sep 2, 2010   Updated: Sep 7 2011
References: patrikmuff & a212
The first Nymphenburg Glazed Essentials porcelain jewelry line was successful and now Patrik Muff has created the Nymphenburg Glazed Essentials II.

The designs in the Nymphenburg Glazed Essentials II collection are in the same vein as the first, and they're every bit as beautiful. Like the first line, archetypal symbols depict the essentials of human existence. The heart stands for love, a cross for faith, a skull for impermanence and the anchor for hope.

Implications - Archetypes enter and re-enter popular culture in new and creative ways, in this case, as personal adornment. This illustrates the fact that products and messages targeted to the human psyche do and will continue to resonate with modern life and are likely to continue for as long as humanity populates the globe.