Numerology Wine Based on Personality

 - Oct 15, 2007
References: gerard-bertrand & juicystuff
Gérard Bertrand has launched a series of personality-based wines. Are you a serious Sam or laughing Larry? Shy Sheila or a rowdy Rachel? No matter your characteristics, there's a blend for you. The wines are based on a number system which are the resulting digits of a revealing mini personality test.

"Gérard has brought the study of wine (oenology) and the study of numbers (numerology) together in his original collection, Cuvée des Nombres," Juicy Stuff dished. "Now available in Ontario, Gérard recently introduced Number 3 and Number 7 from his collection.

"According to numerology everything in the universe is related to numbers; each number refers to a different personality, emotion, vibration and colour. When it comes to wines, each has its own origin, history, grape variety and colour."

If you prove to be a No. 3, the corresponding wine should be the No. 3 Sauvignon Blanc. It's fresh, lively for the spontaneous and outgoing types. The No. 7 Chardonnay is smooth and sophisticated, best suited for passionate and sensual intellectual types.