The Numero June July 2012 Mihalik Editorial is Unassuming

The Numero magazine June/July 2012 photoshoot showcasing Eniko Mihalik does an excellent job of hiding the bulk of the Hungarian models features. Dark shadows and obscure angles are all used here to make for a rather haunting set, effectively turning typical summertime productions on its head.

This editorial for the Numero publication was captured by photographers Sofia Sanchez and Mauro Mongiello. The dim nature of the photos makes for a memorable Mihalik production with some rather coy twists. While Mihalik is wearing womanly dresses, chunky necklaces and loose, free-flowing skirts, the somber finish that characterizes the photos provides a veil of modesty. Stylist Samuel Francois must be given due recognition as he is in large part responsible for this arcane display.