The Guardian Tells Us How NSA Surveillance Works as a Monitor

 - Dec 9, 2013
References: fastcodesign
In light of the ever-growing controversies of the ethical practice of the National Security Agency (NSA) Surveillance Systems in the United States, UK news company Guardian has created an animated short film to explain the NSA and its Surveillance system, in simple terms. "The surveillance story will come to be seen as the biggest technology story of the decade, but it has seemed so complicated that the wider public—outside an engaged, techno-literate community—haven’t known quite where to start," says Jemima Kiss of the Guardian, also the short animation’s narrator.

The video illustrates how the NSA taps wires and cables and uses technological companies such as Facebook and email accounts to access personal and private information. Throughout the video, the short clip revisits important questions such as what they do with the information, whether privacy has a future and most importantly, how they gain access to private information.