Nox Aroma Gently Awakens Users with Selected Fragrances

 - Nov 23, 2018
References: sleepace & oxgadgets
The Nox Aroma device is a smart technology that gently wakes up users based on their respective sleep patterns through the disperse of different scents. Within each package are an instruction manual, a charger, and the Sleepace Nox Aroma sleep light. The exterior boasts simplistic designs with an all-white finish and a small button in the middle to activate the device. Setting it up is simple -- it asks for preferred times in which each individual wants to wake up and it can also be connected to mobile devices.

Notably, it illuminates seven different colors for customizable elements and plays soothing sounds such as white noise, nature-inspired sounds, and ASMR audio. Not only can the scents wake one up, but it can also be relaxing and sleep-inducing as well. The Nox Aroma device can also be connected to Google's Alexa as well, to make control functions even easier.