This Novetly Star Trek Calculator Sees How Many Tribbles Fit

 - May 17, 2013
References: movoto & movoto
Real estate company Motovo found a way to combine two polar opposites together: Star Trek and property selling. A product novelty, ‘Star Trek: Calculating Trouble’ is an online calculator app that works out how many of Star Trek's ‘Tribble’ creatures it would take to fill your house.

Tribbles are comparable to Furbies; they're cute, furry and cuddly, but have a mischievously evil vibe to them. In the context of Star Trek, Tribbles are sneaky, furry creatures that soothe humans from thinking straight into a mind state of confusion. The calculator factors in how fast Tribbles breed, how big Tribbles are, how much Tribbles need to eat and the dimensions of your home to give you a rough estimate of how many you could squeeze into your home.

Why would you want to know how many Tribbles could fit in your home? I’m not really sure, but the concept is definitely a great novelty Star Trek tribute.