The Nova Shoe by Zahad Hadid is Bizarrely Sleek and Mysterious

 - Jul 8, 2013
References: unitednude & fashionablygeek
Designer Zahad Hadid recently teamed up with United Nude to create the Nova Shoe, a bizarre and barely wearable futuristic design that acts as both a shoe and a piece of art.

The Nova Shoe is made entirely from vinyl, rubber, fiberglass and leather, but gives the appearance of being made from some sort of metal, like titanium. Since Hadid's background lies more in architecture, these shoes channel a building-like quality, looking almost like small structure that seem more like miniature skyscrapers than shoes.

Shoe lovers will definitely get a kick out of these creations, since they stand at a whopping 7 inches, but are completely wearable. While they haven't been released to the mainstream market as of yet, it will be interesting to see what fashion fans have to say about these gorgeously futuristic footwear devices.