This Ramen Sandwich is a Concoction Perfect for Cash-Strapped Students

 - Apr 13, 2013
References: buzzfeed & foodbeast
These ramen noodle sandwiches are the perfect concoction for cash-strapped students and people who just can't decide between a sandwich or Chinese food.

Picture this scenario. Your food budget is gone for the week, you're dying for a sandwich, but you ran out of bread in an ill-advised bread smoothie that seemed like a better idea at the time. You've already eaten Chinese noodles five out of the last six meals. It's that sort of moment where noodle sandwiches like this one, which was featured on Foodbeast, are born. In this case, the noodle sandwiches are the brain child of Foodbeast reader Stuart C., who suggests running the ramen under hot water for a few seconds to soften them up first.

Noodle sandwiches are perfect for times when you have more creativity than food budget.