Nikolai Zinoviev Photographs Cute and Cuddly Cubs in the Wild

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: nikzinoviev & mymodernmet
Nikolai Zinoviev could easily be dubbed the 'Bear Whisperer.' His stunning shots of these cuddly cubs are exactly what children would expect of them, since bears are often depicted as cute and not ferocious in their Saturday morning cartoons. Nikolai Zinoviev has managed to capture bears both at play and at rest while loving each other and themselves all the way.

Based in Russia, some of Nikolai Zinoviev's photographs are downright hilarious. For instance, one shot has caught a bear in what appears to be a tai chi pose. Nikolai Zinoviev has cleverly captioned it with, "I like to move it!" Although he also photographs other animals such as eagles, cheetahs and lions, it is his bear shots that have out Nikolai Zinoviev on the map.