The LLSTOL by Niko Klansek is a Multi-Purpose Piece of Furniture

 - Sep 16, 2012
References: llstol & kickstarter
A great Kickstarter project by Niko Klansek is the LLSTOL, which is an ingenious lounge chair design that can also be used for a multitude of functions.

The design for the LLSTOL is extremely simple; two "l" shaped plywood pieces that can be combined to create a comfortable lounge chair, a book shelf, drawing board, rest support, coffee table or a bench. The LLSTOL is also easily stackable and comes apart for easy storage or transportation.

The two pieces of plywood each have a small slit on the sides that allows them to be joined together and matching grooves to lock the pieces into place.

It's really great to see young students creating useful products that the average working student could use. Niko Klansek also plans on expanding the LLSTOL by adding various creative perforations on the plywood.