'The Night Shadows' Project by Michael Neff Highlights New York City Darkness

 - Jan 31, 2011
References: flickr & travelbetweenthepages
The Night Shadow project by photographer & artist Michael Neff highlights silhouettes found in the semi-darkness of a New York City night. Neff travels the city outlining the intriguing shadows cast by buildings, railings, bike racks, signs and other street objects he comes across with chalk. He then preserves the outcome with a photograph, posting them all in Flickr.

Michael Neff recently told the Architectural League of New York in an interview he uses chalk because, "Much like shadows, chalk is impermanent. I also recognized that many shadows fall on buildings and my intention was to share something beautiful and surprising, not anger home or business owners," adding, "If someone didn’t like the work, they could wash it away or wait for it to rain."

Be sure to check out Neff’s Flickr collection ‘The Night Shadow', which is a compilation of all of his fascinating night art. Or if you're lucky in New York, you may stumble upon a piece of original Neff shadowy street art.