Nigel Evan Dennis Creates an Illustrated Guide for True Detective

Graphic artist Nigel Evan Dennis has created an incredibly detailed illustrated guide for the critically acclaimed and popular HBO series True Detective.

I love True Detective, there is no subtle way of saying it. It commands your attention for the entire hour it's own, you even willingly ignore your cellphone and the Internet. However, even though you're still giving True Detective your undivided attention, you can still miss things as the show moves at a brisk pace, has a lot of characters to keep track of, and doesn't hold your hand. That's where Nigel Evan Dennis' helpful illustrations come in handy. This incredible visual guide to True Detective, charts all the characters, mysteries, symbols, and themes of the show, ensuring that you never miss a thing.

With it's careful analysis and deconstruction of the show Nigel Evan Dennis' True Detective guide is a can't miss for any fan of the show.