Nicolas Obery Renders Phantasmagoric Pictures Resembling Medical Photos

 - Aug 15, 2012
References: custom-shoot & illusion.scene360
Most artists strive to attain a distinct style, but Nicolas Obery has already accomplished that task and drove off a cliff with it. He’s the master of making surreal phantom-like illustrations that resemble real life x-rays. The results truly are like nothing you’ve ever seen, but what’s even more impressive is how much he’s willing to push the boundaries of his art style. Though fantastical, the images are rendered with a realist approach, giving Obery’s visuals an air of tangibility. And did I forget to mention how detailed his work is? Honestly, not enough good things can be said.

Nicolas Obery has already garnered the attention of big name clients like Adidas, who use his truly one-of-a-kind art style to obliterate the mundane graphics that competitors use.