Nicola Kuperus Tells a Intricate Story Through Reducted Depictions

Nicola Kuperus' photography tells a surprisingly intricate narrative through the depiction of women's legs. Placed within a context that leaves the viewers questioning past events and situations, these photos capture a wide range of connotations from murder to clumsy to seduction.

Nicola Kuperus composes her photos with an astute attention to detail and symmetry. Our attention narrows in on the feminine legs as our peripherals take in the vibrant colors and details of the background. Perhaps a statement towards the conservative attitudes of the early 1900s, Knocola Kuperus celebrates the allure of sexy female legs.

I never realized how much of a story could be told through the sole depiction of legs. The woman whose legs stick out of a trunk -- is she dead? How did she get there and will someone discover her?