Nico Delort Illustrations Conjure Shadow-Filled Stormy Scenery

 - Jan 24, 2013
References: blog.nicolasdelort & cuded
Through the use of line and texture, the Nico Delort Illustrations come alive, depicting vividly dramatic scenes. The images all have a dark magical element to them, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue in the black and white lines.

The audience sees wizards teaching children conjuring incantations, storm clouds with dark riders in their midst, raging waves crashing against stony shores, a space ship flying through the sky and eerie grave yards. The dark and stormy imagery, portrayed through an expressive frenzy of line and shading, gives the series an unsettling feeling, like the scene in a movie when you sense something is amiss.

The Nico Delort Illustrations tell a fantastic tale of light and dark.