The Meteorphonium by Nick Ryan Turns Sounds of Nature Into Music

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: nickryanmusic & thedrinksbusiness
British composer, sound designer and audio specialist Nick Ryan invented the 'meteorphonium.' This fascinating musical instrument interprets the unpredictability of weather and transforms it into real-time notes and melodies.

The meteorphonium was created on behalf of the Tasmanian beer brand James Boag. The beer is brewed in Tasmania, which is a geographical location with stunning landscapes and wild weather. Nick Ryan was able to build a bespoke electronic mechanical instrument, which will translate the live "environmental and meteorological readings into music."

The device is made with nine bronze singing bowls a steel tongue drum. These components sit inside a large handmade oak frame. Using a real-time data processor, weather element such as wind, humidity and atmospheric pressure are recorded and emitted through an elegant orchestra of sounds.