Disguise Your Furry Feline with a Menacing Nick Fury Costume

 - Oct 1, 2012
References: obviouswinner
This Nick Fury cat will make your feline the talk of the town.

Cosplay has become so popular for humans of all age ranges, but it’s becoming increasingly popular to dress up your beloved pets and show them off to absolute strangers. The more attention your pet gets you, the better it looks on you. Some even intentionally cosplay as a character that has a pet so they can deck it out in matching outfits.

But this adorable rendition of the famous comic book character, which is probably more well-known to non-readers in The Avengers, is too cute to turn away from. The once authoritative, strong, powerful and age-defying director of SHIELD has now transformed into a menacing kitten. Black cat by day, super agent by night. This secret agent kitten will terrorize the neighborhoods and keep you safe while trick-or-treating as long as it lives.