Kent Blazek's Nexus Kitset Relies on a Series of Connections

 - Sep 4, 2011
References: kentblazek & core77
The Nexus Kitset pendant lamp is at once contemporary and industrial with a hint of a Victorian vibe as well. Although it seems to be inspired by geometrical shapes, from spheres to rectangles and more, its overall design looks like an iron wrought ball that can't really decide to which era it belongs.

Created by Industrial designer Kent Blazek, the Nexus Kitset pendant lamp is not actually made out of iron, or any metal for that matter. The Nexus Kitset is actually fashioned out of 60 identical blackened okoume plywood pieces held together by plastic rivets. Not only that, its spherical shape is actually a deltoidal hexecontahedron, which is created by the pull the plastic has on the flexible plywood. Hence its name, which means "A connection or series of connections linking two or more things."