The Newspaper Laptop Case Conceals Your Computer from Leering Eyes

 - Oct 6, 2012
References: thefancy
The newspaper laptop case is a cunning way to leave protect your laptops from leering eyes.

Some students are glued to the library or student lounge frantically typing away day and night, too scared to leave their laptops unattended to eat or even go to the washroom. Probably the priciest newspaper you'll ever purchase, the Urban Camouflage Anti-Theft Laptop Case fits a 15-inch MacBook Pro and comes in Spanish. Locks could also dissuade malicious individuals but they can be cut, nonetheless.

At $80 per laptop protector, it's quite an investment, but it beats having your computer stolen. Rather than leaving your belongings sprawled out to self-inviting eyes, you can camouflage your precious electronics with the newspaper laptop case.